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What Birthers Believe What Birthers Believe

Rated 2 / 5 stars


As a conservative I have my thoughts on the topic, I won't go into them now but even if he was born on mars he is president. I have my major issues with that too, but that is a long story. I was upset at the fact that you take the beliefs of radical Republicans and skew it even farther and go to say this: 'This movie is an extremely fair and accurate depiction of what birthers actually believe.' If there was a video that was made from someone on the other side portraying your views in the same way, it would not be a pretty picture. More than that you would be repulsed at the video and probably have something bad to say about. Go on and think whatever you think, although I disagree, just don't go spreading lies about the opposition and show some backing to your thoughts next time.

Just to put a fact out there, the birth certificate that the Obama Campaign showed widely is in fact a fake document with several things wrong with it.

Anyway, it has some good voice acting and flash animation.